MPC Move is designed with one goal in mind: to get you to move.

To help achieve that goal, we offer a variety of programming suitable for all fitness levels. 


MPC Flow offers a variety of yoga styles to benefit your body and mind.

From gentle restoration to vigorous vinyasas, you will find something to suit your level, physically and energetically.


MPC Exhale is a comprehensive mindfulness program designed to build the capacity to live in the present moment while developing a deeper understanding of the self.


At My Peak Challenge, we believe that food is fuel, and that in order for bodies to work to their full potential, they have to be properly fueled. 


MPC’s global Peaker community is made up of tens of thousands of members from 83 countries.

There is always someone awake and ready to offer a sympathetic ear, a word of encouragement, or a touch of accountability.


My Peak Challenge donates 50% percent of net membership fees (after payment processing, membership gift, fulfillment and admin fees) directly to our charity partners. 

MPC has raised almost $6 million for a variety of causes, including hunger relief, blood-cancer research, end-of-life care and environmental protection efforts.