a program for every level

MPC Move is designed with one goal in mind: to get you to move.

To help Peakers achieve that goal, we offer a variety of programming suitable for all fitness levels. Activate, our newest program, is a starter fitness program designed for those who do not feel steady on their feet or who don’t have sufficient strength to stand unassisted — or who would rather adopt a slower approach to fitness. It’s also great for anyone who’s stuck at a desk all day and is looking for an active break. It consists of two progressive pathways, the first of which is a chair-based program in which all movements will be performed fully seated in a sturdy chair. The second progresses to standing but uses the chair as an extra layer of support. Together, these programs will build strength and mobility through the core and upper body and even into the legs, and introduce some of the basic movement patterns that we use in the MPC programs.

Ignite Fundamentals is for those who are ready to move their own bodyweight and to learn fundamental movement patterns. They progress through the three months of the Ignite program to complete a 6-month fitness intro course.

Capacity is where to begin if you already exercise regularly or have followed an MPC program in the past. Featuring a wide variety of conditioning circuits, you’ll be sweating alongside Coach Valbo in real-time.

And if you already have a strong base in fitness, know your way around weight training and a barbell, then Peaker Strong, a standalone strength program, will progress you across specific weightlifting movements, testing your lifts and focusing on building some serious strength.

New modules — and protocols — will be added regularly, so Peakers will never run out of a variety of ways to move.