Karen o

Before MPC, I started and stopped dieting a million times. I deprived myself of food, and when I ate I was consumed with self-loathing. After joining MPC in 2020, I realized my destiny is in my own hands! I just needed someone to take my hand and show me the way to success. Now, moving my body is truly a celebration of all it can do and not a punishment for what I have consumed. I will never look back! Thank you, My Peak Challenge!

Heather L

Since joining MPC a year ago, I have lost over 30 pounds. I started eating healthier, and I am more active. I love how flexible the workouts are and that they can be modified for you. I finally have my confidence back!

Natalie S

MPC gave me the motivation I was looking for! I was so inspired by the stories of other Peakers in this community and decided this was the program for me. Now, I enjoy using the workout plans and the MPC Cookbook daily. MPC helped me get back into running and gave me the confidence to challenge myself both physically and mentally!

Marijka S

I found My Peak Challenge and took my first steps in January 2022 with PeakStreak. While I feel there is more work for me to do on my wellness journey, I can proudly say I am so very pleased with my progress, determination, and perseverance. Since joining MPC, my physical and emotional well-being has improved considerably. I am much happier, more grateful, and at ease. I also laugh much more. Way more.

Dorine S

For more than 15 years, I had chronic pain in my shoulders and back from being so tall.Then, I joined MPC, and I am now pain-free from the mix of workouts, yoga, and mindfulness. I am fit, I feel good, I have better posture, and my shoulders are healthy again. The mental impact of that is huge! I am not making myself small anymore. Thank you, MPC.

Carla S

Before MPC, I never put myself first or made time for me. I was not active, had a poor diet, was overweight, and without energy. MPC has since changed my life for the better! I am healthier from the weight I have lost, I regularly follow an exercise schedule, and I make better choices when it comes to food. 

Not to mention I have made so many new friends and connections through MPC — Peakers who encourage me and cheer me on! And I have done so many fun, challenging things that I never would have done before MPC, including zip-lining, hiking a mountain with a 1,115-foot elevation gain, and driving a sports car on a racetrack!