MPC Gala Event FAQ

Please check back often for updates. As of February 25, 2022:

Is the MPC Gala happening this year?

When is it?
Saturday, April 30 - Sunday, May 1

Where is the event taking place?
Scotland in Edinburgh. Exact venues will be disclosed to ticket-holders closer to the date.

What is the COVID-19 protocol for the venues?
We will be following Scottish government guidelines. You can view the latest version here:

What festivities are included?
While there has been nothing officially announced yet this year, the usual plan is to have a workout on one day and a special activity the next day, along with the Gala dinner.

How can I purchase a ticket?
We will make an announcement via email to MPC2020, MPC2021 and MPC2022 members when we have tickets available to sell.

Who will be able to purchase tickets?
Since this Gala will be making up for the past 2 postponed years, guests will include members of MPC2020, MPC2021 and MPC2022, whether or not you are a current member. The first round of tickets we will offered to our Honorary MPC Ambassador admins. The last round will be offered to the rest of our members.

Can I, as a current ticket-holder who is unable to make it this year, give it to my Peaker friend?
No, the tickets are non-transferable. Also, we want to give everyone a fair opportunity to purchase a ticket.

Can I purchase a ticket for my partner/friend/significant other so I am not traveling alone?
Please see above "Who will be able to purchase tickets". If they don't fall under those specifications, then no.

Where do you recommend I stay, eat and explore during my visit?
Sorry, but we have no recommendations for your visit.


For more information, please contact us here.