The Honorary MPC Ambassador Proposal Form

Please review the following guidelines and instructions on how to apply to become an Honorary MPC Ambassador and run a Peaker group.

Honorary MPC Ambassador Guidelines

My Peak Challenge is referred to as MPC herein

Thank you very much for your passion and dedication to our shared vision. Your invaluable support is the heartbeat of the MPC Ambassador Program. To get started, please review the following guidelines, then proceed with the form instructions below.

With the growth of our community, we have faced challenges that we can only solve with your support. We believe that you are aligned with our goal to protect and preserve our community from abuse, misrepresentation and conflict.

These guidelines should serve us all in accomplishing those goals.

We are passionate about improving the lives of our members, and we care deeply about creating a place where we can be ourselves. Wherever we are in the world, we’re aiming to grow, connect, engage — and change lives.

MPC is providing a platform for Peakers who are passionate about our shared goals and who embody the values and lifestyle of our community. We will encourage community leaders to share the ethos of MPC and harness their passion to elevate our community, one Peaker at a time! While we will actively encourage each MPC Ambassador group to feel empowered to grow independently, it is critical first to ensure that everyone is on the same page with the MPC guidelines and its Terms and Conditions.

Getting Started

The goal is to create a network of like-minded leaders all around the world. These leaders will be the most passionate voices within our community and will help extend the MPC safe zone and help create a true “local” experience for all our members.

The Guidelines

  • Your proposal must bring people together (not incite division).
  • You must adhere to our common goals and underscore team spirit.
  • You and your fellow admins must be a current member and must have been an active MPC member for a full year.
  • You must not be an admin for any more than two Ambassador groups.
  • All admins of each group must be identified and must be current members of MPC.
  • The participants of your group are not required to be current MPC members, however, your goal should be to inspire growth in our community.
  • The creation of geographical/regional groups (based on country/state/city, etc., of residence) is highly encouraged. Please see the disclaimer below for more details.
  • Activities and gatherings are supported, however the hosting MPC Ambassador groups are the sole carrier of liabilities and securities for all gatherings and activities.
  • Commercial entities are prohibited from making solicitations to other members or groups.
  • Collection of data and collaboration with third-party companies and organizations are strictly prohibited.
  • Launching and building an organization and/or a company based on MPC and its founder’s reach and platform is strictly prohibited. Your efforts must be in support of MPC, its members and its charity partners. 
  • Use of the Ambassador platform for personal or financial gain or promotion is strictly prohibited and is grounds for removal from the program.
  • Any replication of the MPC organization, platform, marks and model is prohibited.
  • Usage of official MPC and Peaker branding is prohibited.
  • Offering “official” MPC- or Peaker-related goods and services is prohibited.
  • Any outreach to our partners must be funneled through MPC.
  • Using the MPC community for any unrelated fundraising and/or soliciting is prohibited.
  • Because we’re a global community of caring and loving members, groups or ideas based on race, religion or political affiliation are absolutely prohibited.

The Geographical and Regional Group Disclaimer:

The creation of geographical/regional groups (based on country/state/city, etc., of residence) is the cornerstone of our MPC Ambassador program. Its protection and preservation is paramount to us. Based on past geographical complications among our existing MPC Ambassadors, the regional requests will always be subject to the approval and the sole discretion of MPC. Our decision will include the consideration of existing regional MPC Ambassadors, however it will not restrict further growth and more local engagement.

You CAN choose a large region (country and/or state) and enjoy its prominence, however please keep in mind that this cannot prevent other local advocates being able to start regions within a country and/or state.

Same rule applies to smaller region requests. If you choose a city and/or town as your group name, please keep in mind that this cannot prevent other advocates being able to start larger region where your group is located.

The size of country, state and city/town will obviously be a key element in our decision-making. Please keep in mind that connecting and growing our community works only if we don’t restrict its local empowerment and engagement. Your support and understanding of EACH OTHER is critical to the success of this program.

Fundraising Merchandise and Product Disclaimer:

The main goal of the Ambassador program is to raise awareness through the growth of our community. We have created a platform that allows our Ambassador groups to sell limited merchandise to the community and from which 100% of net proceeds will be donated to MPC’s charity partners.

No other Ambassador merchandise or apparel can be created for the purposes of profit or fundraising. 

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at


  1. Your group name needs to either be the region where you live (can be city, state/province, country, etc.), or a specific interest that is special to you.
  2. The Peaker who is filling out this form will the “spokesperson” for the proposed group - the main point of contact. Please fill in your name and email.
  3. Anyone who is helping the spokesperson manage the group is called an “admin” - please fill out all the names and emails of those helping with the group.
  4. Your proposal needs to explain the purpose for your group and how you plan to spread the word about MPC and create unity for fellow Peakers.